“French artist based in Berlin, “melody a dit” aka M.A.D plays with time, symbols and influences through the practice of paper collage. Far from a hazardous and unexpected process, her works are the fruit of her reflections and personal interrogations, but also of the passing of time and the pages she flips throughmagazines. Oscillating between real and imaginary, retro and contemporary influences, her collages question reality in abstraction: they sublimate the banal into the marvellous. It all started after a heavy jaw operation. In full convalescence and unable to communicate with others, Melody returns to the practice, which very quickly becomes therapeutic. It is a new language, another way of expressing oneself. The "melody a dit” project (”melody said" in English) was born. Over time, her collages become engaged and become the reflection of the artist's questions and convictions about the world around her. Feminism, ecology, parity, love, education, the relationship to oneself and to others are today her favourite leitmotivs, ideas to be cut and cut out on a daily basis. That is why some artworks denounce, others divert, but all communicate the notions of imagination and dreams. Today, she navigated between the practice of paper collages for her personal works and digital collage for commissionned works.”